Online File Storage

Work together better

Store All Your Files Online

Share Files with Centralized Cloud Storage

Create Rich Documents, Powerful Spreadsheets and Beautiful Slide Presentations

Access your files anywhere

Google Drive gives you access to your work from anywhere, across your Mac, PC, mobile devices and on the web. Simply download Drive on your Mac or PC to sync files from your computer to the cloud. Update a file on one device and changes are automatically saved to Drive and your other device, so you have the most up-to-date version of your files wherever you need them. Learn more.

Bring your work to life

Share files or whole folders with individuals, your entire team or even customers and partners. In the Docs, Sheets and Slides editors multiple people can work on the same document at the same time.


Create rich documents with images, tables, equations, drawings, links and more. Gather input and manage feedback with social commenting.


Keep and share lists, track projects, analyze data and track results with our powerful spreadsheet editor. Use tools like advanced formulas, embedded charts, filters and pivot tables to get new perspectives on your data.


Create beautiful slides with our presentation editor, which supports things like embedded videos, animations and dynamic slide transitions. Publish your presentations on the web so anyone can view them, or share them privately.

Online File Storage and Sharing Features

Powerful Search

Stop worrying about what folder you put which doc in and find exactly what you’re looking for with fast search powered by Google. Search over content you’ve created and docs that have been shared with you.

Open and view any file

View over 30 file types right in your browser, including images, HD videos, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files, even if your device doesn’t run the file’s original software. Save files from Smartsheet, DocuSign, or SlideRocket and other web apps directly to Google Drive, and launch those apps by opening these file types from your Drive.

Export with ease

 If you need to, you can easily download any of your docs to the most common text, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing formats or export them to PDFs on your hard drive.

Import your existing work

With Google Docs, it’s easy to import your existing work and convert it from most common text, spreadsheet and presentation formats so you can edit and share. Optical character recognition (“OCR”) even lets you import editable text from PDFs and images.

Mobile editing

Do more than just view your docs on your mobile. Make edits and share with others in real time from your Android device or any mobile web browser. Learn more.


You can print any of your docs right from your web browser or even from your mobile phone or tablet using Google Cloud Print.

Revision history

Keep track of all the changes that you and your team have made to each doc. Detailed revision history lets you look back at each doc after each set of edits and you can always revert to an previous version if you like.

Quickly find what your're looking for

Use powerful search capabilities to find what you need quickly. You can search with keywords and filters to locate any file, and even search for objects in images or text in scanned documents.

Create drawings

Create and work together on visuals with the drawings editor and then use the web clipboard to insert them into existing documents or presentations.

Build easy forms

Build a form with the straightforward forms editor and collect data from colleagues or customers. All the responses are recorded in a spreadsheet so it’s easy to analyze and share.

Template Gallery

 Get a jump start on your work by using a pre-built template. Or, create customized templates with your company's colors and logos and share them privately in your organization.

Custom Styles

Giving your documents consistent formatting is easy with custom styles, which let you define the default styles for things like titles, subtitles, body text and more.

Charts and plots

 Google Spreadsheets makes it easy to create standard charts like line graphs, scatter plots, pie charts, bar charts and more. You can also capture more data in unique dynamic chart types like timeline charts, motion charts and more.

Powerful formulas

 Google Spreadsheets include tons of built in functions for all the standard finance, statistics, mathematical and database needs you’d expect, as well as some unique functions that help you pull data directly from the web.

Designed for security

 Google Docs is designed for security and reliability with features like encrypted connections to Google’s servers, real-time file save, simultaneous replicated storage for your documents, built-in disaster recovery and fine-grained sharing controls that let you share your work with the right people. Learn more.

Data analysis tools

 Google Spreadsheets includes powerful data analysis tools such as pivot tables, filters, data validation and solver.