Green IT

Get Your Green On

Moving to Google Apps helps reduce both your company's overall expenses and its environmental impact. Apps is powered by Google's energy-efficient data centers, so it’s less energy and carbon-intensive than on-premise servers

Reduce your costs, and environmental footprint

Moving to the cloud means your company can spend less on on electricity and IT infrastructure. Take Gmail: moving your email hosting from on-premise to the cloud could make you up to 80x more energy efficient.


Collaborative tools such as video chat and shared documents help employees feel like they’re in the same room. You’ll reduce extraneous employee travel, office materials, and your overall environmental footprint.


Get sustainable with carbon-neutral IT

Google is a carbon neutral company. They’ve achieved this through a combination of energy-efficient data centers, renewable energy purchases and high quality carbon offsets. This means Google Apps (and all the products you use in our cloud) have a “net zero” impact on the environment.

“Google Apps surpassed our expectations by allowing IT to eliminate 10 servers and its archives from the data center, thereby reducing our carbon footprint by 73 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.”

Healthcare Supplier, Google Apps User

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